KISD Ministerial Alliance Resources

Welcome to the training resources page for the KISD Ministerial Alliance Crisis Response Team members. 

Becoming a member of our KISD Ministerial Alliance Crisis Response Team is a 3 step process:

1) View all online training videos made available on this website and on our KISD Student and Family Services Youtube Channel - 
2) Take all online exams pertaining to the four online training sessions. Exams are taken via
3) Attend one "Live Round-Table Discussion Event" at Tivy High School

The 3 steps outlined above are covered in greater detail below.

1) Below you will find four images linking you to videos intended to be viewed as online training resources for use by KISD Ministerial Alliance crisis response volunteers. Each of the four training sessions are comprised of between two and five video modules each. 

ma crisis link1 KMA session 2KMA session 3 KMA session 4

2) Once you have successfully viewed the contents of any of the four training sessions, you will be required to complete an exam.

*Click the image below to review Surveymonkey exam instructions

The exam links may also be accessed through the following URLs. You may need to register a surveymonkey account.

Exam 1 - 

Exam 2 - 

Exam 3 - 

Exam 4 - 

v2 exam instructions  

3) Upon successful completion of all trainging sessions and exams, you will select one of two one-hour live training sessions to attend at Tivy High School during the spring semester of 2015**. The purpose of this one-hour live session is to reinforce and ensure the fidelity of online material learning and field skill application. This is accomplished in a round-table discussion format.

**Spring 2015 live session dates
           - January 15, 1-2pm in Room A121
           - February 10, 1-2pm in Room A121
       email to schedule live session

The image below will link you to several documents that comprise the official KISD MInisterial Alliance Crisis Response Resource Manual.

     manual image link