The Maintenance Department at Kerrville ISD includes the men and women who help keep our campuses clean, well maintained and functioning properly. Everything from air conditioning/heating, plumbing and electrical issues as well as major and minor construction projects. Our grounds crew not only maintain the campus surroundings but are the go-to guys when other tasks come up. Every person in our department is vital to the functioning and beautification of our district. The Maintenance Department is proud to take a leadership role and support the educational aspects of Kerrville ISD. But we also like to have fun! 

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March Maintenance Employee of the Month
Chris Evans
Chris Evans
March Custodian of the Month
Hector Cantu
Hector Cantu
February Maintenance Employee of the Month
Gilbert Martinez
Gilbert Martinez
February Custodian of the Month
Eva Sandoval - HPMS
Eva Sandoval           
  January Maintenance Worker of the Month
Jerry Gamel
Jerry Gamel
January Custodian of the Month
Richard Rosales - Daniels Elem.
December Custodian of the Month
John Solis Nimitz Elementary

john solis

December Maintenance Employee of the Month
James Rios
James Rios

November Maintenance Employee of the Month
Jason Rios
Jason Rios

November Custodian of the Month
Sylvia Mendez - ECC

October Maintenance Employee of the Month
Danny Rendon

October Custodian of the Month
Rosa Viera-Starkey

September Custodian of the Month
Olga Garcia - HPMS
olga garcia

September Maintenance Employee of the Month
Matthew Ramirez
matthew ramirez

2015-2016 Custodian of the Year
Charlie Savage

2015-2016 Maintenance Employee of the Year Rocky Favia
Maintenance Employee of the year

2016 Employees of the Month

June - Sandra Gonzales - Custodian

Custodian June

June - Ruben Garcia - Maintenance

Maint June


July - Erica Venzor - Custodian

Custodian July

July - Danny Rendon - Maintenance

July Maint

August - Michael Espinoza - Custodian

Aug. Cust

August - Daniel Saldivar - Maintenance

Aug. Maint

February - Kendrick Adams - Custodian

Maint Feb 2016

January - Rocky Favia - Maintenance

Maint Feb 2016 emp

January 2016

dec emp of month


Carolina Hurtado

Beckie Gramatikakis
Administrative Assistant

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