Early Childhood Center Participates in Young Athletes Program

Scooter.JPGThe Early Childhood Center hosted the Special Olympics of Texas San Antonio for the Young Athletes program. Young Athletes is a sport and play program that introduces children to sports and the world of Special Olympics. The program focuses on fun activities important to mental and physical growth. The Early Childhood students participated in games designed to increase motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Activities included: basketball, beam walking, bowling, ball toss and scooter riding, among many others.



Tivy Students Win Big at UIL Academic Meet

UIL_Winners_2014.jpgThe Tivy High School UIL Team competed at district competition and came away big winners. Several teams will now go on to regional competition being held May 3rd at UTSA. The winners are listed below. 

Accounting - Eduardo Bernal - 6th place
Calculator - Zach Boothby, Zach Broyles (2nd), Rory Cassidy (6th) and Jay Lockwood - 2nd place team 
Current Issues - Trayton Fay, Jay Lockwood, Mason Phillips (3rd) and Rory Cassidy (4th) - 1st place team
Editorial Writing - Hannah McCullough (5th), Cassie Storey (2nd) and Carissa Tinley (4th)
Feature Writing - Ben Solder - 2nd
Headline Writing - Katie McCarty - 1st
Informative Writing - Sealy McMurray - 4th
Mathematics - Zach Boothby, Zach Broyles (3rd), Rory Cassidy (6th), and Jay Lockwood (5th) - 2nd place team
News Writing - Emily Peter (6th), Ben Solder (3rd), Carissa Tinley (1st)
Number Sense - Zach Broyles (1st), Rory Cassidy (2nd), Jay Lockwood, David Troxell (3rd) - 1st place team
One Act Play - Ryan Long (Hon. Mention), Amanda Segura (All Star Cast) and Taylor Sparkman (All Star Cast)
Persuasive - Cooper Rendon - 2nd
Ready Writing - Emily Peter - 6th
Social Studies - Katie McCarty - 6th
Journalism - 2nd place team


Starkey Students Participate in Quail CSI

DSC_0152.JPGStarkey Elementary Fifth Graders participated in a Quail CSI Friday brought to the school by Texas Tech’s Outdoor Education Program. The program’s instructor, Peni Green, first taught the students about the life of a quail and the challenges it faces in staying alive. The students learned that the main threats to a Quail’s life are predators, over-hunting, extreme weather and disease.  Next the students went outside to see the quail nests, which are built on the ground with grass. Each nest became a Crime Scene Investigation as students speculated which predator may have been the culprit of stealing the eggs out of the nest. The students visited 6 nests total and saw what it looked like if the eggs were attacked by a bobcat, raccoon or snake. The Starkey fifth graders are now certified quail investigators! In this photo: Theo Standridge observes the quail eggs in one of the nests.